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Posted on: December 7, 2009 6:06 pm

12 Days of Christmas .... I mean Basketball!!!

This really is one of the most wonderful times of the year....But no sugar plums here (Too much sugar)! This is really a main course kind of helping...no low-cal games and no jellos, or puddings, or pound-cakings, just really solid good ole American fare!

OK, it is a little early to be in the 12 Days of Christmas, but to get in the Holiday Spirit(s) early....you may have to pay close attention as my words may get slurred as I get jolly!

I thought I'd pick out some basketball games worth watching between now and the merry day when the Big Guy really delivers!

There will be some games featuring Big 12 teams, but this is the season of giving...so I'll be generous, and open presents from all D1 teams! HO, HO, HO!

I'm going to seperate this into two parts -

GROUP 1: Games you probably can see on a TV - somewhere, if you try hard enough - you know these will be gift-wrapped, with all the bells & whistles, or is that bows and shiney wrapping paper???........... by CBS, or ESPN, or FoxSportsNet

... and

GROUP 2: Games that should be good, but may not be viewed by many of us....what a shame ---That's naughty, and not nice!!! --- Bah Humbug ---Scrooged Again!!!

As always, If you know of a game not listed...get in the Holiday Spirit and GIVE.... by posting it here, and if you know of a way for us non-locals to watch a game that I've said will be seen most likely only in the barn its being played in, or by just the local yokels, then be sure to tell us!!!

I'll do these by date! and each group should have how many games???????????? Come on, you have to tell Santa, what you want!!!

Some of these games happen this week, so don't snooze, or you lose - Rumple---whats-your-name!

(NOTE: I got the listings from over on ESPN)
GROUP 1 (For everybody - potentially)  Innocent

Tuesday 12/8 ...      Butler @ Georgetown  --- ESPN
Wednesday 12/9 ... Kentucky vs Connecticut (in da Gahden)  --- ESPN
Thursday 12/10 ...   Syracuse vs Florida --- ESPN
Saturday 12/12 ...    Georgetown @ Washington --- Fox Sports National
Saturday 12/12 ...    Ohio State @ Butler --- ESPN
Sunday 12/13 ...      Cincinnati @ Xavier --- ESPN U
Saturday 12/19 ...    North Carolina vs Texas (at Cowboy Stadium) --- This one didn't say it is on anywhere, but I gotta BELIEVE!
Sunday 12/20 ...      Florida State @ Georgia Tech --- Fox Sports National
Tuesday 12/22 ...    Michigan State @ Texas --- ESPN 2
Tuesday 12/22 ...    Texas A&M @ Washington --- Fox Sports National
Wednesday 12/23 .. Mississippi @ West Virginia --- ESPN 2
Wednesday 12/23 .. Illinois @ Missouri --- ESPN 2
Saturday 12/26 ...    West Virginia @ Seton Hall --- CBS

GROUP 2 (These might be only for the really, really good kiddies ---  or at least the lucky few - locals) Cry

Tuesday 12/8  ...      Vanderbilt @ Illinois  --- (what a shame...should be very entertaining - youngsters running all over the place...an Australian having a block party...fun..fun..fun!)
Wednesday 12/9 ...  Villanova @ St. Joseph's --- A Philly Five shindig -- no wonder its always sunny in Philly!!!!
Saturday 12/12 ...    Kansas State @ UNLV --- Coach Kruger is the connection here!
Saturday 12/12 ...    Texas A&M @ New Mexico --- Coach! Do you really want to take a trip to THE PIT????
Wednesday 12/16 .. Cincinnati @ UAB  ... This is one of the games that will tell us if Conf. USA is going to be more than a one-man gang! And its an opportunity to be re-BORN READY...er... or something like that...At least I know this has something to do with Born Ready! - I do know that!
Wednesday 12/16 .. UTEP @ Mississippi (To borrow a question from the movie "Gettysburg" Is Mississippi ready???) These two conferences may be more equal than many think! Or maybe it will just be a dreamy vision of sugar plums for Conf. USA! And POOF!
Friday 12/18 ...        Utah State @ Long Beach State --- Two mighty mights!! Pooh will be there, and the Aggies will be checking to see if the 49ers are color blind by throwing Green at them, and maybe the 49ers'll Quayle before the Aggies! While Casper will be there for the 49ers, who will be trying to make the Aggies a-Ware that this is Mr. Robinson's neighborhood! While the Aggies will hope that Mr. Anderson goes AWOL, instead of teeing-off on them!
Saturday 12/19 ...    Richmond @ Florida --- Ever see a Spider try to eat a Gator??? Me neither...should be interesting!
Saturday 12/19 ...    Xavier @ Butler  --- This is another game that I just WILL NOT BELIEVE it won't be shown -- I want to watch it!!!
Tuesday  12/22 ...   Butler @ UAB  --- The Butler is certainly getting lots of chances to just do it! Will they be able to say they DID IT?
Tuesday 12/22 ...    Murray State @ Western Kentucky --- Can the Racers top the hills???
Wednesday 12/23 .. Long Beach State @ Kentucky  --- Can the 49ers tame the Wildcats. I really think it will be a possibility! Embarassed

There are a lot of good games being played over the next couple of weeks! So be sure to stuff yourself, in the spirit and tradition of the holidays!

So, Merry Christmas, Happy Chanukah, and may Allah bless the faithful during this Dhu'l Hijja! May the Hindu find delight as they try to follow the way, and live their lives according to Dharma! And any others, of other faithes, may this be a blessed time for all of you as well!! For any who do not believe in a higher power, may you live your life well!

For me and my family, we choose to follow the Lord, and to hope in forgiveness of our frailties, and failings!

Well, I'm not much on preaching...but I do believe!

Ciao!!!! And Hasta LaVista BABY!!!! Until our pathes cross again!

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