Posted on: November 23, 2009 6:15 pm

No Cupcakes Here!

I thought I'd post a brief blog noting some of the best challenges for Big 12 teams this week...

Of course, many are still feasting on cupcakes, but these teams at least have some potential to bite the hand that feeds them...

Best of the Best game (featuring at least one Big 12 team) of the week is:

Wednesday 11/26, Texas A&M will meet Clemson in the 76 Classic, which has perhaps the best field of any pre-conference tournaments!

This just in:

Colorado fell just short of Gonzaga in the first round of the Maui Invitational. I was going to say (before watching the second half of that game) that this was the game where the Big 12 team was most likely to take it on the chin! And they did, BUT, they played better than I thought they would. I was cheering the Buffaloes, hoping they would get an impressive win...good try!

OU is challenging themselves, at least a little, this week. They play San Diego and Houston, in pool play, at the Great Alaska Shootout...

Iowa State plays a St. Louis team (on 11/27) that handled Nebraska with surprising ease...Let's see if Iowa State can fare a little better, and restore the proper balance!

Texas opens regional play in the CBE, with Iowa and Rice setting themselves up to be gored...

The rest of the Big 12 teams are eating cupcakes again this week

Hope all you fans don't get to fat off of your teams OD'ing on all that sugar in those cupcakes...

Enjoy your holiday everyone!


I didn't know if anyone was reading my blog or not, so I hadn't posted in a couple of weeks...
I'd enjoy it if people would at least send a reply if you think it is worthwhile...Thanks!

If there is something about the Big 12, you'd like to talk about...post a message and we can discuss!!

Until the next time...May the Big 12 RULE!
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Posted on: October 21, 2009 12:56 pm

I agree with Katz, revise the Big 12 bball schedu

Andy Katz, a senior ESPN sports analyst in a blog comment this past weekend stated that the KU-UT men's basketball rivalry is the NEXT big sports rivalry. He said that it is approaching the UNC-Duke rivalry, in terms of the heat of the rivalry and the quality of the basketball being played.

I'm willing to make an effort to get this ball rolling. I agree with Katz, that the KU-UT rivalry deserves two regular season conference games, instead of the current schedule that only provides one game each year.

What do other basketball fans think???

I even created a Big 12 basketball schedule (in MS Excel) that would accomplish the goal of creating a better Big 12 men's schedule, IMO. I've made an initial attempt to contact the Big 12 offices with my idea, but their website doesn't support fans contacting their website, as they have no e-mail addresses that I could find on the site.

I think that the more high profile games that are played in the Big 12, the better it will be for the conference, and the more it will help the top team's be better prepared for long NCAA tournament runs!

I think that KU and OU also should play home and away during conference. That is a traditional Big 8 rivalry that was emasculated when the Big 8 and and four schools from the SWC combined to create the Big 12.

Further, I argue that the 'Division' format that divides the Big 12 into North and South 'divisions' doesn't serve Big 12 basketball in promoting what is best for the Big 12. It does continue 'some' of the old 'regional' rivalries that existed in the predecessor conferences, but doesn't fully promote big-time new, strong rivalries, such as KU-UT, and as I noted, the current basketball schedule has diminished some of the old Big 8 rivalries like KU-OU. The teams from the old SWC didn't have their rivalries diminished, they have been continued because all four of those schools are in the Big 12 South Division.

I know that changing the Big 12 basketball schedule may be difficult, but it is something that I believe is worth making an effort at, to help the Big 12 teams compete at the highest level.

As Katz remarked, he thinks that a single game between UNC-Duke would not be in the best interests of college basketball and he feels the same way about the KU-UT rivalry: One game is not enough!

I have only paraphrased Katz's comments. Surprisingly enough, his article was NOT an 'Insider' article. So feel free to go check out his actual statements over at ESPN. I think I have correctly relayed the essence of what he said, but hey, go check it out for yourself!

Let's make Big 12 Basketball the best that it can be!

Let's get some dialogue on the subject rolling through the internet!
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